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  • Do you accept families / do you have any family rooms?

    We don’t have any family rooms but we do have one triple room. Please check upon booking if this room is available.

  • Do you have any rooms with private bathrooms?

    No. All of our rooms have shared bathrooms.

  • Do you accept children / what is the minimum age?

    Generally we don’t accept children as our space is designed for adults - so its safety. We also don’t have any children’s entertainment like books and games. If you’re happy to be responsible for your children at all times  then we can accept ages 5+

  • Can you add an extra bed in the private double rooms?

    Unfortunately, our private doubles are not suitable for additional people. We only have one triple room. Please check availability with a request at the time of booking.

  • Do your private rooms have twin beds / is it possible?

    Unfortunately, all our private rooms come with double beds.

  • Can I stay just one night?

    We have a minimum 2 night policy.

  • Is your kitchen communal?

    No. As our breakfast is included and most people eat dinner with us, our cooks are usually busy cooking meals and preparing things for the following day. You might be able to use it after the meals are cooked but it would be best to check when you’re here.


  • Do you have vegetarian / vegan options?

    Yes! Our breakfasts are vegetarian and we can provide vegan options if requested on arrival.


We offer local Moroccan and primarily vegetarian cuisine, with the exception of fish served additionally on some days in the week. On these occasions there are always vegetarian options served alongside.

 If you don't eat fish, or have any other dietary requirements let us know upon booking and we will do our best to accommodate.

There are restaurants and snack bars in the village that serve meat.

  • Do you have gluten free options?

    Yes we do! However, unfortunately we cannot cater to severe allergies and intolerances. Our cooks are able to make meals with gluten-free and dairy-free ingredients, however, the meals will be prepared in the same kitchen and we cannot completely eliminate the risk of contamination.

  • Is lunch included/are there lunch options nearby?

    We do not serve lunch but there are plenty of options around. We have a small map of Tamraght available and we can direct you to the best spots.


  • How do I pay?

    Our online deposits are charged using a system called Tab which has a 4% surcharge. If you wish to pay by bank transfer or PayPal, please click here for instructions.

    Any remaining balance for accommodation is taken at check-in. Cash is preferred but you can pay on arrival with most credit cards. For all other extras (taxis, activities, dinners etc.) we take cash only at the end of your stay which gives you time to walk down to the nearest ATM.

ATM: It’s very rare to be able to pay by card in Morocco so it's best to get cash out at the airport or stop at an ATM on the way. The closest ATM to us is in Aourir (the next village south of Tamraght).

  • What currency do I pay in?

    Online deposits are usually paid in Moroccan dirham (MAD) unless paying by PayPal or direct bank transfer (in these cases it will be in Australian Dollar AUD). At the hostel we prefer MAD though very rarely we can accept EUR cash too (this will be at our discretion) - there is a cash exchange in Tamraght.

We strongly advise not to exchange your money outside of Morocco as MAD is a closed currency and the fees will be high.



  • When can check-in / check-out?

    Check-in time: 14:00

    Check-out time: 11:00

    If you arrive before check in or want to stay past check out, feel free to leave your bags at our reception.

For late departures, you are welcome to stay at the hostel until midnight free of charge.

  • Reception hours:

    Our reception opening hours are 8:00 - 22:00*

    * Are you arriving overnight? Please let us know prior to your expected arrival day otherwise there won’t be anyone at reception to let you in.


There are no street names or numbers in our village so the easiest option is to take a taxi direct from Agadir airport or bus station. If you would like us to arrange this for you, fill out your details here.

  • What are the taxi prices? (per taxi)

    Agadir bus station to/from cost is 150 MAD during day times (7am - 8pm), and 200 MAD at night (8pm - 7am)

    Agadir airport to/from cost is 300 MAD.

    To/from Marrakech airport or your hostel is 1200 MAD for up to 8 people (this is the best option for groups)

If you have any issues on arrival please call us immediately on +212 528 314 135 (If you take another taxi after one has been organised for you, you will be charged). No shows and cancellations made within 24hrs of arrival will be charged 100%.

  • Can I find my own way?

    If you choose to make your own way you can find our exact location on Google Maps by searching: The Lunar Surf House.

*Generally we only accept arrivals after 9pm if you have booked a taxi through us. As we do not have a 24hr reception someone has to wait up for you and we’ve had too many people getting lost at night.

  • Where can I rent a car?

Renting a car for your stay is best done from the airport as they are the only car rental companies in Morocco that have full insurance. Though, there is also car rental in Tamraght and if you need help we can arrange that.

  • What bus can I take to Agadir?

These are the main bus companies in Morocco and schedules can be found through the links below. Please note tickets can not be purchased online.

Supratours (EN) Supratours (FR)


  • How do I get to/from Essaouira?

Going to Essaouira you can take one of multiple local coach buses travelling through Tamraght from the main road (there are so many companies we do not have the schedules). Though, for a more comfortable option check the Supratours & CTM timetables departing Agadir on the links above.

Coming from Essaouira: Sometimes the Supratours/CTM bus will stop in Tamraght if you ask the driver nicely but they’re not meant to stop till Agadir. Local coach buses stop in all villages along the way.



  • Last minute / late cancellations and refunds

    Our deposits are non-refundable.

    For late cancellations: Please keep in mind the same way we can’t resell your bed just before your expected arrival is why we can’t refund any remaining payments for late cancellations. Please see our cancellation policy for more information.


  • Do you provide intermediate surf lessons or surf guiding?

    All our lessons are at beginner level, though, sometimes we can arrange intermediate lessons for or surf guiding at extra costs. Please note this is limited to availability as the instructors and guides are outsourced.

All our surf lessons are in groups unless arranged prior.

  • Can the activity packages be altered?

No. Our packages are a discounted bundle of our most popular services: meals and activities, offering you the best deal for your stay. Minimum stay is 5 days and you are welcome to add as many packages to your trip as you like, keeping in mind each package must be used consecutively.

If you wish to be more flexible you can book the accommodation and add activities and extras as you go.

  • Can I start my package anytime?

    Yes, it's your holiday! We don’t have set arrival dates but we do base the week on Monday - Friday / Sunday.

    *Couscous dinners are on Fridays, and

    *BBQs are on Saturdays.

    *We have yoga every morning except on Sundays.

  • Can I book the Paradise Valley trip in advance?

    Unfortunately, as these trips are very popular we don’t take bookings for Paradise Valley until you arrive. We do require 4 people minimum. In the event you are here at a time with limited interest or are limited with time we can usually arrange a private tour.

Please note: We don’t do these trips on Sundays or Moroccan holidays. We also don’t do the trips if the area is unsafe due to bad weather.

  • Can I book a desert trip in advance?

    Yes. For a desert trip it is actually best to let us know upon booking if you wish to go so we can put you on the “interest list” and encourage more sign ups before your arrival date. We need a minimum of 4 people for this trip.


  • How do I get to the surf spots?

    There is a rental car operator in the village, you can also use local buses if you’re comfortable carrying your board around or we can arrange a pick-up/drop-off service. Sometimes we can arrange a guide though this is not guaranteed as it’s not a regular service we provide.

  • Is it safe to walk around at night?

    Tamraght is very safe! Though, always use common sense when travelling.

  • Can I walk around in bikini at the beach and sunbathe?

    At the beach- yes. On the way to the beach or around town- no. Even though Morocco is a more liberal Muslim country, you’re still travelling in a country where people have local customs and traditions. Always best to respect the locals.

For women, simply covering legs and midriffs around town is the most respectful.


  • Do I need to bring a towel?

    No need. We have free towels to use here for 100MAD deposit. You’ll get the deposit back if the towel is returned in a satisfactory condition (ie no random holes, no red wine stains…. etc etc)

  • What else should I bring?

    It is advisable to bring your own mosquito repellent in summer, a reusable bottle for our filtered water system, sunscreen as it’s expensive in Morocco, and for women we recommend bringing any sanitary items you may need as options are limited in the village.