Flying in to Agadir and want to catch the best surf in Morocco? Make your base The Lunar Surf House and use our guide to the top surf spots around Aourir, Tamraght and Taghazout to find the right surf break for you!

Surf Spots Morocco

Devils Rock

Surf Level: All levels

Wave: Sandy bottom breach break

Wave Direction: Right hander and left hander

Just a five minute walk from The Lunar Surf House, this is one of our closest breaks and it's also the most consistent throughout the year. It's a great surf spot for beginners and improvers, which means it can get busy during the day but the vibe always remains chill amongst locals and travelling surfers.

Wondering why we call it Devil's Rock? Apparently the devil himself is buried beneath the rock! But don't let this put you off climbing the rock during a break from surfing - it offers some of the best views of Tamraght!


Surf Level: Experienced

Wave: Reef break

Wave Direction: Right hander

A very shallow and powerful break that's only suitable for experienced surfers due to the large, hollow waves that often break into rideable tubes.The spot isn't as consistent as others, so respect the line-up and local surfers.

Anchor Point

Surf Level: Intermediate and experienced

Wave: Point break

Wave Direction: Right hander

Long NW swells that reach from 3ft to 15ft have earned Anchor Point the title of a world-class surf break. Surfers began to ride the wave in the 1960s, and since then it has become one of Morocc's favourite surf spots. Not great for beginners, one of the easiest ways to reach the break is to jump from the coves lining the break.

If you're not experienced enough to ride this wave, it's worth visiting just to witness the way the wave breaks.


Surf Level: All levels

Wave: Point break

Wave Direction: Right hander

Most popular amongst long boarders and beginners, Panorama's also offers great waves for intermediate surfers once the wave hits 5ft. When the wave is this high, beginners should be cautious as the shorebreak can be tough when the swell is large. Best of all? Panorma's can often offer longer rides than its neighbouring breaks.